SEO in a Nutshell & Its Strategies:

Do you want to make your business website more appealing on search engine? Does your business website require more traffic on the internet? If the answer is yes, then we will discuss this in detail. In this modern era, digital marketing plays a pivotal role to market any business. In business, there are mostly two ways of marketing.

The first one is traditional marketing which carries newspaper ads, magazines ads, billboard marketing, electronic media marketing, etc. Similarly, digital marketing focuses on SEO, Social Media Marketing, Instagram /Facebook ads, etc. Now-a-days businesses are more focusing on digital means of marketing as it is an easy way to convey your message.

In this article, our primary focus would be toward SEO and we will discuss it about in detail. We will also briefly discuss its strategies. But before starting our discussion, there are several questions arises in our minds. Answering those questions would be supportive for us to gain knowledge about SEO comprehensively. These questions are written below:-

  1. Describe SEO & its purpose?
  2. Discuss SEO strategies to get more traffic on your website?

SEO & Purpose:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically a procedure to make a business website more appealing on a search engines. The techniques of SEO would vary differently but the crux of this digital marketing strategy primary focuses on keywords. A business can optimize its business visibility by generating /targeting certain words. These words are generated and targeted through various search engine marketing techniques. Through these techniques, businesses can increase their website visibility over the internet. All they need to do is to find right keyword. If you have utilized SEO techniques for your business growth but it’s still not working. Then you need to revise your SEO strategy because it hasn’t fully employed.

If we talk about SEO purpose, the ultimate goal is to enhance website traffic /usability. Whenever, a search engine user search your website it needs to be solid. Otherwise, if it lacks in conveying the message then they would be disappointed while resulting in less website traffic. This would ultimately resulted in business loss.

SEO Strategies:

The ultimate goal of Search Engine Optimization is the development and execution of best possible strategies. If you want to become successful in digital marketing field, staying up-to-date with SEO strategies would be a best option. According to the 50% marketers of this field, SEO strategies deliver more leads than other metrics. In this portion, we will discuss three best possible SEO strategies:-

  1. Web Optimization:

Website optimization is generally an experiment to generate an impactful strategy to increase website performance. This would be a supportive in navigating website to find landing pages, product pages, and website elements easily. This would be resulted in the optimization of customer retention rate optimization, traffic enhancement, and ROI increment.


If you are working in a large organization /startup coordinating with a product team to increase sales on ecommerce platform. There are several benefits you will attain through website optimization. These advantages are stated below:-

  • Conversions Increment
  • Brand Visibility Optimization
  • Traffic & Revenue Enhancement
  • User Experience Improvement
  • Brand Reputation Development
  1. Content Posting:

The second strategy to gain SEO traffic on your website is through regular blog posting. The digital marketing experts advise to post one to four blogs weekly. According to statistics, the business that post 16 or more posts monthly would get 3.5 times more traffic. Content posting not only maintain your SEO content fresh, but it also attract more audience. If your website gain

An ideal blog posting per week is SEO traffic is also influenced by the consistency in which you post your blogs. We often hear from clients “How often should I post a blog on my website?” The truth is that while there is no magic number or exact target for these post counts, it’s a good idea to aim for 1 to 4 posts per week. Statistics show that businesses who post 16 or more posts per month get 3.5 times higher traffic than those who publish zero to four. Not only will this keep your SEO content fresh, but it also can attract a greater readership and audience; if folks know your site regularly publishes relevant content, the chance of someone bookmarking your site and returning to it for updates is far higher.

In order to accomplish regular content posting, though, it’s important to establish an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar includes blog titles, blog descriptions, social media posts, and the dates for all relevant content to be released and promoted. Rather than just posting blogs as they’re completed, this allows you and your team to prioritize and organize your content. This is just another facet of creating an effective SEO strategy.

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