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How To List Your Business For Free On DCM?

Step 1: Visit DCM Listings

The initial steps involve opening your browser and going to DCM listings.

Step 2: Register Yourself

Click on the register button at the top right corner and enter your username, and email, and confirm a password. After registration, you have to confirm your email. Read the email sent to you by DCM listings carefully and click on the confirmation link. Now you are an approved user and can submit your listing.

Step 3: Sign in

Sign in to your account using the credentials you submitted during registration. New buttons will appear in the top right corner.

Step 4: Go to “My listings” and Add Details

You will find the “My listings” button. Click on it and add your listing details. Mention the required details regarding your business:

  • Select your business category from the dropdown if you are not able to find the category related to your business then select other as your business category.
  • Upload your business logo and some images and graphics associated with your business.
  • In the friendly location add your service area. Enter your business address into the location.
  • You should also add your business hours.
  • In the price range section either you can select the price range or select ‘prefer not to say.

Step 5: Save and Submit Your Details

After entering your info, agree with the terms and conditions and click on the save & preview button. The preview page will open up and you can review if there are any errors in the submitted listings. Click on the submit button. Your listing will be submitted. You can check the status of your listing by clicking on my listing button.

Step 6: Wait for Approval

After reviewing your business listing our team will approve it and your status will be changed. When your status gets changed you will see a published mention on your profile.

Step 7: Share Your Link

A live link to your business will also be provided to you so that you can share it with your customers. In this way, they can submit their review on your profile. Your listing will also be visible on

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