Difference Between SEO & Social Media Marketing:

Digital marketing is playing an important role in this modern world. Many businesses are using digital means to expand businesses. For business expansion digitally, there are various platform operating, including Facebook, Instagram, etc. Many businesses are using SEO technique to gain high traffic on their websites. This would directly result in increment of business revenue. Similarly, through social media marketing various brands market their products that resulted in business growth. In this article, we will discuss about the difference between SEO and Social Media Marketing. Before starting the discussion, there are several questions arises in our minds. The answer of those questions will enhance our understanding. These questions are below:

  1. Describe SEO & Social Media Marketing in detail?
  2. What is the major difference between SEO & Social Media Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is generally a business growth strategy to attain more traffic on a website. This business strategy is helpful for enhancing the website’s position across the search result pages. When a business website is listed on a higher position over a search engine. It would definitely attain more traffic over the website. Whenever, a user search for a business website it needs to be solid. It means that a website must be able to convey the message of a product /services. But if it lacks in delivering the message it would result in less traffic. The crux of SEO lies within the effective use of keywords. These keywords are mostly generated through different search engine techniques. Many SEO professionals advise using the right keywords to gain more website traffic.

SEO Strategies:

There are several strategies used in SEO. Some of these strategies are listed below:

  1. Website Optimization
  2. Content Posting
  3. Link Building
  4. Business Listing

Business Listing:

Business listing is one of the main SEO strategy. It is supportive for the local customers to find local businesses. To find local businesses, a listing directory plays an important role. In this business directory, the name, address, and phone number of a business is listed. You can call the business owner and can take their services easily. There are several free business listing websites operating on a search engine. Some of the most ranking business listing websites includes Yelp, Foursquare, Justdial, Dream Catcher Marketing, and yellow pages. Through business listing a business can increase its visibility in local search as well as outrank the local competitors easily. Some of the main benefits of business listing are listed below:

  1. Upgraded Contact Number
  2. Enhancement of Local Visibility
  3. Cost-Efficiency
  4. Customer Reviews
  5. High Ranks on Search Engines

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is usually a use of social media platforms for building social network. This network is supportive in sharing the complete information regarding product detail. This detail includes price, color, and other specifications. Through this detailed information businesses can enhance sales as well as drive website traffic effectively. Through social media marketing, businesses can engage with the existing customers but they can also reach new businesses. Business owners can easily analyze data while allowing marketing department to track their business success. There are several business promoting platforms available, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Through social media platforms businesses can promote their content by extracting information. This information makes business messages in line with customers /users. Some of social media marketing types are:

  1. Sites Bookmarking
  2. Social News
  3. Media Sharing
  4. Microblogging
  5. Blog Comments & Forum
  6. Community Blogs
  7. Social Review Sites

Social Media Tools Benefits:

There are several advantages of social media Tools. These tools are supportive in analyzing performance of a website. Some of the main social media tools includes MeetEdgar, Talk Walker, Social Insider, Perfect Audience, Qwaya, BrandWatch, etc.

Difference Between SEO & Social Media Marketing:

Some of the main difference between SEO & Social Media Marketing are listed below:

  1. Search Engine Optimization is a process of making website page noticeable to generate more traffic. In the meanwhile, Social Media Marketing is supportive for brand introduction and promotion.
  2. Search Engine Optimization mainly depends on the keyword as well as website quality. While, Social Media Marketing depends on the marketing strategy and content creation.
  3. SEO is a long process while having long-term results. Whereas, SMM is considered as a fast process if it’s done effectively.
  4. SEO gives organic results. Meanwhile, SMM acts as a paid advertisement for promoting ads /content.
  5. SEO means getting the maximum website traffic through search engine. In the meanwhile, SMM act as an online marketing strategy over various social media platforms.
  6. The ultimate goal of SEO is the uplifting of website over the search engine. While, SMM goal is to identify new customers and brand development.

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